Tucson Comic Con Schedule


[day date=”November 6-8 2015″]Friday-Sunday[/day] [event time=”10:00 — 7:00″ room=”Booth TBD”]

Come Visit us at the GeekFest Booth on the Exhibition Floor All Weekend Long.

[day date=”November 7, 2015″]Saturday[/day]


[event time=”10:30 — 11:30″ room=”Turquoise Ballroom“]
Screening 1
Acting Dead
He’s Not Looking So Great
Ice Queen
Walking in Circles


[event time=”11:30 — 12:30″ room=”Turquoise Ballroom “]
Screening 2
Giant Nerds
The Adventures of Captain Contraceptive
The Bigfoot Hunters


[event time=”12:30 — 1:30″ room=”Turquoise Ballroom “]
Screening 3
Ladies Revenge Club
Skyship Chronicles

[event time=”1:30— 3:30″ room=”Turquoise Ballroom “]
Screening 4
Wonder Woman Fan Film
Winter’s Hold
Grayson: Earth One
NightWing: Prodigal
Cosplayer Nation

[event time=”3:30— 5:30″ room=”Turquoise Ballroom “]
Screening 5
The Spell Tutor
Lookinf for Heroes
Crouching Lion, Hidden Treasure
Con Artists

[day date=”November 8, 2015″]SUNDAY[/day]


[event time=”10:30 — 11:30″ room=”Turquoise Ballroom “]
Screening 6
Star Wars Musical
Chase 4422
The Department of Signs and Magical Intervention


[event time=”11:30 — 12:30″ room=”Turquoise Ballroom “]

Screening 7
Into the Dark
Derek and Sally: Bathtub Killers
Judas Goat
Against the Wall


[event time=”12:30 — 2:30″ room=”Turquoise Ballroom “]

Screening 8
Break the Rock
While You Were in a Coma
Comic Company
Non Stop to Comic Con

[event time=”3:00-4:00″ room=”Turquoise Ballroom “]
Best of GeekFest Screening and Award Ceremony



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