The reason we created GeekFest is to give filmmakers opportunities like no other film festival in the world!

Below are testimonials from filmmakers who have participated in GeekFest Film Fests


There are three things I look for when submitting to a film festival.
1. Exposure
2. Networking
3. Technical presentation

The Geekfest Film Festivals nail all three of these areas.

In terms of Networking and Exposure, GeekFest knocks it out of the park. my short FAR enjoyed a year long run with GeekFest playing at nearly a dozen Comic Cons across the country, in some cases to crowds of more than 200 people. While I was included on filmmaking panels with some of the top Indie Filmmakers and Web Series Creators out there. Bottom line, GeekFest is well worth the submission fee.

I loved GeekFest so much I became a judge the following year!

Brian James Crewe

Winner- Best of Fest Shock Pop Comic Con 2015

I just arrived back in Tampa. I’m elated and exhausted and still a wee bit flabbergasted, but I wanted to pause just a second before I collapse in bed to thank you again so very much for everything. As I’m sure you could tell, everyone on Team Chomp had a great time, and after spending the weekend watching so many fantastic films, it was an honor to receive these awards. 
Winning a Best of Fest award this early in Chomp’s career, and mine, will have a significant impact. With your years of experience, I know you know that, but I wanted you to know how much I’m aware of that—and how much I appreciate it. Thank you.

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Having Ladies Revenge Club on tour with GeekFest Film Festival 2015 was both a thrill and an incredible honor. Not only was it amazing to screen at the biggest and brightest comic cons around the globe, but GeekFest did a bang up job fostering exposure and connections to potential fans of the series and the industry alike. The icing on the cake was taking home the awards for “Best Short” and “Best of Fest” in our hometown —NYC! — at New York Super Week/New York Comic Con. The prizes were fantastic and will allow us to keep on producing; being interviewed about my work by the Real Stan Lee was an absolute dream come true. I thank GeekFest every day for making 2015 a truly wonderful and memorable year for me as a professional filmmaker!

Looking forward to GeekFest 2016. Please promise me that if you hit the road heading for Wozniak’s Tokyo Comic Con you’ll take LRC with you. (I think we’d be big in Japan! LOL!) 
All the best, and wishing you the Happiest, Geekiest New Year!