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Congratulations again to Director Brian Crewe, Far takes home the Audience Award at Rose City Comic Con

Best of GeekFest Short Program

Valiant PosterValiant Directed by Robin G. Phillips

Set in an original fantasy/sci-fi future where nuclear war has torn through Europe, ‘Valiant’ is the story of a group of three mercenaries, The Valiant Three, as they set out on an unexpected mission to return a lost princess to her father.Valiant is not only a short film, but a fully crafted new world built by students & independents looking for a forum to tell tales of right versus wrong, good versus evil, and moral choices faced in the world today. The characters and stories are complemented by a throwback style inspired by classic Hollywood adventure films, classic & modern VFX, and Hollywood quality production values.Valiant connects a diverse, international range of filmmakers; the team is developing further films, interactive media, and more. Starring Gil Darnell, Navid Negabhan, Jason Hice, Andrew Varenhorst, Danielle Parker and Camden Toy.

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CAPERCaper Directed by Donald Murphy

Caper is a genre-busting digital series that combines live action with comics and animation. It centers on the alter egos of a team of superheroes who repeatedly save the City of Angles from disaster, but get nothing in return for their efforts aside from platitudes and the occasional key to the city. At some point, that’s not enough. Especially in today’s economy where it’s a struggle to pay rent and you have to work two jobs just to put gas in the Batmobile… which in our world looks an awful lot like a ’94 Corolla. Starring Abby Miller, Beth Riesgraf, Harry Shum Jr, Hartley Sawyer.

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Star Wars Holo ExperienceStar Wars: The Holo Experience Directed by Miguel Angel Sánchez Cogolludo and Santiago Hernández Martín

A command of the Rebel Alliance lands in the forest of the planet Endor, in a mission to destroy the protecting shield of the Death Star. A soldier and his droid P2-Q3 have to be on guard at the shuttle. But soon a pair of Imperial Scouts Troopers arrive to investigate, and the mission is in danger. Starring Marcos Julián Pavón, Fran Martín, Kike Mellado



Carolina ParakeetCarolina Parakeet Directed by A.J. Briones

A couple running for survival from the undead find temporary shelter in the company of a newly retired schoolteacher who has a unique perspective on human nature and a grim prognosis for mankind. This film is the directorial debut of VFX Artist / Previsualization Supervisor A.J. Briones. Starring Myles Cranford, Kaley Victoria Rose, John Hafner, Jose Rosete, Sara Spink.

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Far PosterFar Directed by Brian Crewe  WINNER

After a bad day at work, David (Andre Hall – Tyler Perry’s LOVE THY NEIGHBOR TV series) literally runs into Hannah (Marion Kerr – DARK SKIES / HEART OF NOW), a beautiful and strange young woman. For their first date, David nervously tries to create the perfect evening but Hannah’s odd yet charming behavior turns dinner into a disaster. Trying to redeem the night, he proposes a ‘do-over’ and takes her on the ultimate first-date adventure. As the magical evening comes to a close, David discovers there’s more to learn about Hannah than he could ever possibly imagine. Starring Marion Kerr and Andre Hall

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GetInlineThe Visitant Directed by Nick Peterson

A lone mother protects her daughters from a demon intruder. Starring Amy Smart and Doug Jones.





Rose City Comic-ConThank You Rose City Comic Con


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