Long Beach Comic Expo 2017 Schedule


 Screenings/Panels S3 Booth 702


Saturday February 18 2017

Program 1- SciFi Block 1 4PM
City of Imperium Trailer
The Island
White Lily

Big Scares, Indie Budgets 5PM

Moderated by Ivonna Cadaver (Host of Macabre Theatre on YoutooAmerica)
Learn the tips and tricks on creating low budget horror effects for your
indie films and web series and learn from professional indie film directors, actors and producers in the biz
Panelists: Jessica Cameron (Director- Truth or Dare, Mania),  Amanda Wyss (Nightmare on Elm Street), Micheal G Kehoe (Director- The Hatred- Lionsgate)

Program 2- Rated HorroR (R Rated Content) 6PM
Pioneers of Fear
Death Metal
Phoenix Run- Catch a Rat
Born Again
The Call of Charlie

Sunday February 19 2017

Program 3- Fantasy Block 11 AM
The Spell Tutor 2.2
As They Continue to Fall
Knights of New Jersey
Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time

Program 4- Fan Films 12 PM
The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story
Where No Jedi Has Gone Before
One PM
Arkham’s Journal
Injustice For All

Program 5- Action Packed 1 PM
The Adventures of Kentucky Jackson
The Hunted
Legend of the Mantamaji

Program 6- SciFi Block 2 2PM
Heirloom: A Star Wars Story Trailer
IAmEve “Starman”
Steven Spielberg and the Return to Film School

Meet the GeekFest Filmmakers Panel 3PM
Moderated by Ivonna Cadaver (Host of Macabre Theatre on YoutooAmerica)
Get to know the GeekFest Filmmakers and their films touring as part of the GeekFest Film Fest Comic Con Tour Panelists Committed (Director-Terry Ziegelman), Phoenix Run and Imperium (Director- TJ Walker), The Rogue One (Director- Raymond Montemayor),  Injustice For All (Director- Danny Mooney),  Knights of New Jersey (Actress – Mary Malloy), Legend of the Mantamaji (Director- Eric Dean Seaton).

Best of GeekFest and Awards 4PM
Hosted by Ivonna Cadaver (Host of Macabre Theatre on YoutooAmerica)
See the Films ” Voted Best of “, by Long Beach Comic Expo Attendees and the Awards for Best of Fest Presented by GeekFest Film Fest Judge and Actress Gigi Edgley