Legion M

GeekFest Film Fests welcomes Legion M as a strategic partner beginning in Year 5!

Prizes, Perks and More!

Keep your eyes on this page for updates on this exciting partnership!

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Legion M is the world’s first fan-owned media company built from the ground up to be owned by YOU, the FANS! Join us!
We work with top Hollywood creators to bring boldly original movies, TV series and VR projects to market. We believe the next great media company should be owned by FANS. Not because it’s a fun idea (at least not the ONLY reason), but because it’s an extremely powerful business model. After all, FANS buy the tickets, FANS pay the subscription fees, and FANS decide what to watch.
Legion M’s long-term goal is to unite 1 million fans as shareholders of the company. When we achieve that, Legion M will have hundreds of millions of dollars to develop and invest in projects with a million people standing behind them when they release.