1.If my film is accepted into GeekFest Film Fests, does my film travel to all cons? It is likely if your film is a short (Short, Web Series, Trailer, Music Video) to play in most conventions. Some conventions we only screen shorts in a shorter program of usually 2 hours. At most cons we program 10-14 hours of films and all Official Selections will be screened.

2. How do I know when my film will be screened? We work very hard with the convention heads to make sure we have at least a 4 week window and once the schedule is approved, we will post it on the website and we email  filmmakers so you can promote too.

3. Do I have to pay an entry fee for all the conventions my film is included? NO! We have a once a year Call for Entries and all Official Selections from that submission period travel to all cons. (except shorts only programs) We will periodically re-open call for entries for some 4 day comic cons, these will be called Special Edition Call for Entries and the entry fees will be reduced and the window for submissions will be 4-5 weeks, these Special Edition periods are for inclusion in the specific Comic Con we are advertising at that time only!

4. If I enter a Special Edition Call for Entries can my film be in all cons? Due to time constraints of smaller cons we will only program your submission into the comic con you were accepted into. You will be eligible to all the perks our tour filmmakers receive including, Weekend Passes, Booth Space and Panel inclusion at the specific comic con as well as winning the Prize Package, Awards and eligibility for distribution on Stan Lee’s World of Heroes.

5. How does distribution work? It’s a very simple process. Stan Lee’s World of Heroes Channel on Youtube, will host your film, short, web series, music video in a non-exclusive period beginning at 6 months and can be renewed for as little or as long as you’d like. They take no rights, they do a 50/50 revenue split on the advertising revenue, based on views on the channel. The only restriction is they ask if you are already online that you privatize your content, so it plays exclusively on SLWOH for the duration of the run. We launched the channel in Mid-October 2015 and the content on the channel has already reached over 100K views and rising daily! (As of Jan 30, 2016)

6. Do I get convention tickets? We negotiate with each convention individually We have had most conventions offer each filmmaker, one weekend pass, in addition we normally negotiate  booth space which you can share with us. We program indie film panels, which could in effect get you a second ticket at some cons if you participate. Between complimentary passes and booth space,  filmmakers received over ten thousand dollars in potential perks.

7. Does GeekFest provide travel for filmmakers? No, we travel your films, we can’t travel a filmmaker. We do hope however in 2016 we visit more cities which makes it easier for most US and Canadian filmmakers able to attend at least one con to support their film.

8. Can GeekFest program into overseas conventions? Absolutely!  If you have a connection to cons in other countries that don’t have film festivals, we’d be glad to speak with the convention director about installing a GeekFest Film Fest!

9. How does judging work? During our entry period the panel of judges are assigned to watch submitted films, they grade your films based on multiple parameters (acting, directing, sound, writing, cinematography, special effects, overall enjoyment) We take those numbers and decide on Official Selections based on available time at comic cons we’ve programmed in year 2 in 2015.

10. Audience voting- Attendees to our screenings have the opportunity to vote on the films they watch in each program, this assists us in deciding what films are awarded at each comic-con. Each comic-con has new audiences which gives every film the opportunity to be voted on at any event.  The attendees and cons really enjoy this element and gives our event an interactive component.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.