GeekfestLogo1 What are GeekFest Film Fests?

We are the 1st and only traveling geek genre film festival in the world created by geek filmmakers, for geek filmmakers and programmed at Comic Cons across the country and eventually the WORLD!

GeekFest Film Fests program features, documentaries, shorts, web series, trailers, and music videos with the goal of getting filmmakers the audiences that will appreciate their film. We have submissions periods throughout the year and accept Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural, Superhero, Gaming, Cosplay, Fan Films, Fandom related and Pop Culture related content from across the globe.

GeekFest Film Fest has traveled to Ventura CA, Portland OR, Ft Lauderdale, Fl, New York City, Los Angeles CA, Long Beach CA, Philadelphia PA, Tuscon AZ, Toronto Canada, Dallas, Orlando, Atlantic City, Palm Springs and more.

What GeekFest Film Fests does for filmmakers

Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! We work closely with the conventions to bring not only a film festival event within the con, but we also secure booth space and panels to develop with the convention, which enables our filmmakers to not only screen their films, but they can promote on the Exhibit Floor and speak on special GeekFest Panels at each event.

We work with cons to secure guest passes for filmmakers to attend, and we promote your film all year long…as long as your film is traveling with GeekFest Film Fests, then it’s being promoted on social media.

Our 1st three years GeekFest Film Fests short content was distributued to Stan Lee’s World of Heroes Youtube channel, one of the biggest Geek channels on the platform. With over 300,000 views of our online content to date.
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Like traditional film festivals we award our winning filmmakers with amazing prize packages from film making companies and geek companies, to create Best of Fest Prize packages valued at least $3000, plus all feature films are considered for distribution.

Each convention we create a specialized award and prize package and have a Best of Screening and Awards ceremony…You never know what GEEK celeb might present you with your award. Even the largest Cons in the World can’t compete with our prize packages as we have teamed with our long time film festival sponsors to bring you amazing prizes.



Do you want to host a GeekFest Film Fest at your Pop Culture Convention? We are currently programming in select number of conventions across North America and the world to bring a GeekFest Film Festival to your event.

What we do: With over 20 years experience producing independent film festivals in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, and a lifetime of being Geeks, we decided to create an turnkey service that any convention with panel rooms, screening rooms and A/V equipment can host. We offer your event our expertise in creating all aspects of the film festival within your con, from acquiring entries, pre-screening and judging, developing relationships with the filmmakers and content creators, tailoring the content to fit within your cons parameters and assisting you at the con to run a smooth interactive film event and amazing engaging social media.

How we do it: With 35 film festivals produced and over 18,000 independent films watched, we bring a keen eye for quality content and an expertise for curating amazing content.  We do all the work for you, so that you don’t have to add additional pre-production staffing or employees to your payroll. We create the workflow from beginning to end and assist you in co-promoting and coordinating the Call for Entries with our social media base as well as yours. We promote your Comic Con for months before you start YOUR marketing efforts, which keeps your comic con in the public eye and we promote your con to filmmakers all across the globe.

Advantages of having GeekFest create your Film Fest: Our expertise and reputation brings in much higher quality content for your attendees. With 20 years of programming experience, we know what audiences at Pop Culture Conventions want to see. Our event adds value to your Con, allowing you to sell more tickets to your comic con, bringing in additional revenues from our filmmaker base. We plan a BEST of FEST awards screening with your con and co-brand the award ceremony and our long term relationship with Hollywood and New York Film Production Vendors and Sponsors we offer a great prize package to the winning filmmakers!

We can program a Best of Screening and Panel of 2 – 2.5 hours or provide you with a full film festival running between 12-20 hours of programming to fill up your screening room for the entire run of your event. We’ll build a fest to work best within your convention parameters.

Every year filmmakers will win awards and laurels co-branded from your con that will carry your logo and identity.

Let’s create a GeekFest Film Fest for your con! Contact us for more information.